Friday, February 1, 2013

Its February 1st …is your fitness train derailed?

Every year since the beginning of time, countless people go through the motions of joining a gym, setting their unrealistic goals and failing to meet them. All of them have the best intentions, and starting the 1st of the New Year are ready to go.

Skip ahead one month... it is Super Bowl weekend. There will be parties and temptation to throw in the towel. Don’t do it!

If you are one of the 40% out there sticking with your plan…go get it. For the rest, it is time to get back on track. Feb 1st is the (new) New Year.

Here are a few tricks to help get you back on track: 

  1. Start over…choose one goal.  Many set goals that are too lofty or unrealistic. Whether it is to lose 5 pounds, run 5 miles, or fit in to an old pair of jeans, having one specific goal is easier to focus on than ten. But make sure they are challenging.
  2. Remember your goal is to finish. Start slow and build up your endurance so that your body does not break down. It is the same as a car in cold weather. There needs to be a warm-up period before you can open it up on the road. The body will adapt but start slow and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts.
  3. Keep track of your workouts and diet. This is very important and will save frustration months down the road if you are not getting the desired results. You can keep track in a journal or there are many mobile apps out there that make it easy to track exercise and diet. Some user-friendly ones that I like are MyFitnessPal or Lose It. By tracking progress and looking back on your journal, it will allow you to make changes if you do get stuck and hit a plateau. 
  4. Make it fun! The same routine can become very mundane, so mix it up by taking your workouts outdoors. Try yoga, bike riding, swimming, and even body weight training using a system like a Lifeline Jungle Gym. Changing it up will help keep you interested and having fun.
  5. Start training with a friend; this will help hold you accountable. If you miss a workout or go down the wrong path, it will affect your training partner.

A new years resolution is not a definitive plan. It is a commitment to make a change, stay with it and keep trying. Just because you let January slip by it does not mean, “wait until next year”. Time to get the train back on the tracks.

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