Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Benefits of Cross-Training.

As we’re nearing the third month in 2013, we’ve all been trying hard to stick with the fitness goals we set back in January. Hopefully, everyone is doing a great job of maintaining their routine. However, it’s a good idea not to get too settled in the same old thing day after day. The best thing to do is develop a routine that incorporates various forms of exercise, which is also referred to as cross training.

Why is cross training so important? One major reason is that it can prevent injuries resulting from overuse. If you’re only working one muscle group in the same way all the time, there’s the risk that it can become overly stressed. Taking time to work out other groups will allow muscles to rest in between workouts. It’s important to allow that time for recovery. 

Various forms of exercise are also a good idea if you’re trying to get a total body workout, and who doesn’t want that? Making time for something like a daily run is great for your health, but your body will benefit so much more if you engage other muscle groups.

Not only is cross training safer and more effective for staying in shape, it also helps you stay motivated. Keeping your routine fresh and having variety will prevent burnout. Routines are meant to be maintained, but even the most enthused athlete would get bored performing just one type of exercise month after month. Add different exercises according to your interests to ensure that you’ll stay motivated. There’s just no reason for boredom when there are so many fitness options. 

So, what are some ways to cross train? Start by picking a few different cardio activities. Remember to consider your interests. Jump roping, cycling, running, swimming, and rowing are some of your options. Simply incorporate one or two new ones that you don’t normally do. You can also mix up your strength training efforts. Using bands, free weights, or machines are a couple ways to make sure you’re getting a more total-body workout, compared to if you were only doing one activity.

There are a couple ways to cross train. You can choose to do several forms of exercise in one day, or you can do just one and then change what you do the next day. Keep it flexible to meet your needs and interests. You’ll find that cross training is one of the best ways to get all the benefits exercise has to offer. You’re already working hard, so why not maximize your gain?

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