Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Product Announcement: The Beastie Series from RumbleRoller!

If you’ve ever tried a RumbleRoller product, you know why it’s one of our favorites for deep-tissue massage.
Now they’ve developed a patent-pending line – The Beastie Series – that makes deep-tissue massage tools more versatile, portable, and affordable.

At the heart of the line is the Beastie Massage Ball, which is available in two versions – Original and X-Firm. The original is super-flexible and the X-Firm is more aggressive.

The series features a full range of accessories to give you plenty of options. The Beastie Base, Beastie Hook, Beastie Bar and Stands, and Beastie Double-Track Wall System can all be used for varying intensity and positioning. Each accessory has its own unique benefits. The Wall System, for example, is a real space-saver. If you don’t have the room to lie down on the floor while using the massage tool, the system mounts to the wall and takes up zero floor-space.

To learn the best tips and techniques for getting the most out of the series, there is also a 2-Disc Combo Pack, which includes a Blu-Ray disc and DVD. Jeff Alexander’s SMR Tips will teach you the most effective ways to use the new Beastie Series, as well as the classic RumbleRollers.

Deep-tissue massage tools are great for relieving sore muscles after a workout. It’s a less expensive and more convenient alternative to a massage. They make it easy to get quick relief to pain and stiffness any time you need. If you've been looking for the right massage tools for home use, the versatility of this line make it a great place to start.

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